Customize yours ski boots

Boot fitting and Conform'able to customize your shoes

On skis, your feet are your sensitive sensors, so it is important that your shoes fit the shape of your feet and your skiing style.

What is boot fitting?

The boot fitting allows everyone to find a shoe perfectly adapted to the shape of the foot. The boot-fitter makes adjustments on the shoes, the soles and the hull of your shoes to change in case of pain, blisters, etc. ....
All these operations are used to boost the comfort, precision bearings for better skiing.

The thermoforming liner

This is to model your shoe to your foot in the heating, in order to alleviate discomfort, pain or avoid problems that may arise such as light bulbs or other pain.

Thermoforming soles

At Christine Rossi Sport, our technicians use conformable soles. These insoles adapt to the shape of your feet. This allows for better foot support and a better blood circulation, which consequently increases the comfort and warmth in your shoes. The accuracy of your ski to find also improved.

The deformation of the shell

This is to change the shape of the plastic of your shoe to ease the pressure on the shoe.